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Universities and the education structure in USA allow students to follow their passion right from the beginning. Various fields and subfields that we may find as specializations in India at a Master’s level or as a small part of the bachelor’s curriculum are available for example, Aeronautics, Automobile Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, etc. The Bachelor’s course is a typical 4 year program with a general 1st year and then specialization shall begin from the 2nd year onwards with exception for certain professional programs of Architecture, Pharmacy, Medicine, etc. With a more practical based education rather than only theory, students get plenty of opportunities to build skills at an early age through experiments, presentations, projects, workshops, etc.


To study in the Bachelor’s program at USA, the student after completing his High School, must complete certain standardized tests

Enterance Test
  • SAT provided by The College Board®.
  • TOEFL conducted by ETS Or IELTS by British Council/IDP

The Student can apply for the Universities before the final results of the High School are expected. The applications are available online from about 8-10 months in advance and generally have early deadlines.

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