Success Stories

Success Stories


For a Master’s program at USA, the student has more niche options after completing his bachelor’s degree. The varied opportunities come with options to start building the right career. The course is on an average for 2 years and in some cases can also be completed faster if a student wishes to take up more credits faster. Various specializations are availablere rious specialisations for students must complete certain standardized tests as follows,

  • GRE provided by ETS.
  • TOEFL conducted by ETS Or IELTS by British Council/IDP

Students need 16 years of education before they apply for a Master’s program. If a student is currently in the 16th year of education, he can still apply to the Universities but he needs to send the final transcripts as well certificate to the University after its completion. The applications are available online from about 8-10 months in advance and have different deadlines.

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