Which Exam should I appear for?

Various universities and colleges around the world use varied methods and criteria to judge and grade their performance. These marking systems vary even among the universities in one country as well making it difficult to place all the students entering one level from various education systems. Entrance exams help bring all the students at par to understand the student’s capability in Mathematical and Verbal analysis. Thus, SAT/ACT for Bachelor’s programs, GRE for technical Master’s programs and GMAT for Postgraduate Management programs are mandatory in almost all top universities. These entrance exams are taken as the first hurdle at many university selection processes, and sometimes it is taken in addition with the previous achievements.

Since the education that the student is looking to pursue is in a country where English is the native language or at least the language of instruction, students are expected to provide proof of English proficiency in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking English through either IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.

For studying in USA/Germany, TOEFL is preferred and in UK/Australia/New Zealand/Canada an IELTS/PTE score is preferred.

Training at imperial (Salient Features And Why Imperial)
Students can join Imperial for training as well as counseling. We have a comprehensive and exhausting training program. Our Trainers are best in the industry - graduates and post graduates from India and Abroad and they have received GRE of 320-330. We have convenient Weekday and Weekend batches to suit the students’ needs and even vacation batch for when you are on leave in between semesters

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Highlights of our classes are as follows

  •  72 hours of Quality classroom training
  •  72 hours of Home Practice
  •  12 classes of Quant
  •  12 classes of Verbal
  • Weekly Topic Tests :
    • 3 for Verbal section (Sentence Equivalence, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion) +
    • 4 Vocabulary +
    • 8 Quantitative
  •  4 Full Verbal Tests, 4 Full Math Tests, 12 Full length Mock Tests
  •  Regular Doubt solving
  •  Weekly Vocab building with our powerful and easy technique
  •  Strategies and Tricks to crack questions in less than 1 minute
  •  Mind maps for Learning
  •  Exam Criteria Focused Learning
  •  Accelerated Learning Techniques
  •  Planned Weekly Homework (about 6 hours of homework every week)
  •  Free diagnostic tests are available every week and Attend A Mock Session (Details Of Our Next Seminar/Mock Class)