MS in Acads GRE/GMAT University
ECE8.67312University of Maryland, College Park
Finance8306University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Finance8306State University of New York at Stony Brook
CS7.6316University of Georgia
MIS6.3301Northeastern University
MIS6.3301University of North Carolina at Charlotte
CS8.33318Carnegie Mellon University
CS8.33318University of Colorado Boulder
CS8.33318Texas A&M University, College Station
CE6.6318Stevens Institute of Technology
CE6.6318New York University
CE6.6318Syracuse University
IE7.7328Texas A&M University, College Station
IE7.7328Clemson University
IE7.7328Virginia Tech
IE7.7328University of Florida
CS8311Rochester Institute of Technology (40% scholarship)
Biotech Management6302University of Wisconsin-Madison
Biotech Management6302University of California, Irvine ($8000 scholarship)
Pharmacy Administration6.96304Duquesne University (full scholarship)
Pharmacy Administration6.96304University of Mississippi
ECE9.14307University of Cincinnati
ECE9.14307University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
ECE9.14307University of Southern California
CS6.4327Rochester Institute of Technology (20% scholarship)
CS70309State University of New York at Buffalo
CS70309University of North Carolina at Charlotte
MIS9.2710University of California, Berkeley
MIS9.2710University of Washington
MIS9.2710Kelley School of Business
Business Analytics76325University of Illinois at Chicago
Business Analytics76325University of Texas at Dallas
CS61311Rochester Institute of Technology
MEM6.47306Northeastern University
ECE6.2308Michigan Technological University
IE59.2318University of Michigan - Dearborn
IE59.2318Clemson University
IE63309Illinois Institute of Technology
ECE55.7314University of Maryland, College Park
ECE55.7314Southern Methodist University
ECE70300University of Texas at Arlington
ECE70300State University of New York at Buffalo
MEM6.85318Case Western Reserve University ($13000 scholarship)
MEM6.85318Northeastern University
IE7.7303University of Illinois at Chicago
Biotech7.91302Drexel University
MEM5.8307Northeastern University
MEM5.8307California State University, East Bay
IE8.59316Pennsylvania State University
IE8.59316University of Pittsburgh
IE8.59316Purdue University
Financial Analytics60303University of San Francisco
Chemical Engineering7.4303State University of New York at Buffalo
Chemical Engineering7.4303University of Maryland, College Park
Chemical Engineering7.4303Syracuse University
MIS6.41296Rutgers University
MIS6.4318Syracuse University
MIS6.4318University of Illinois at Chicago
MIS6.4318California State University, Fullerton
Mechanical Engg8.28318Clemson University
Mechanical Engg8.28318Indiana University : Purdue University Indianapolis
Mechanical Engg8.28318Michigan Technological University
IE5.8303Northern Illinois University
IE5.8303University of Texas at Arlington
IE7.5300State University of New York at Binghamton
IE7.5300The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
IE7.5300Northern Illinois University
IE6.18298University of Houston ($14,000 scholarship)
CS6.92303State University of New York at Binghamton
IE7.13310State University of New York at Binghamton
MIS6.07294Worcester Polytechnic Institute
MIS6.07294Rutgers University
Pharma7.7338University of Minnesota
Pharma7.7338Northeastern University
IE7.26315Arizona State University
IE7.26315Texas A&M University, College Station
IE68.4329Virginia Tech
IE68.4329North Carolina State University
CS7.04304Rutgers University
CS7.04304Rochester Institute of Technology
ECE8.36321University of Colorado Boulder ($12,000 scholarship)
ECE8.36321North Carolina State University
MIS8.84300Northeastern University
MIS8.84300Syracuse University
MIS8.84300Iowa State University
MIS8.84300Illinois Institute of Technology
CS7.08293University of Georgia
CS6.43301University of Georgia
Molecular Biology86309Univ of Connecticut
CS7.88310Rochester Institute of Technology
SE7.88310Arizona State University
MIS67.8319University of Arizona
MIS67.8319Northeastern University
CS9.31322University of Southern California
CS9.31322North Carolina State University
CS8.05312Pennsylvania State University
CS8.05312University of Texas at Dallas
CS8307Stevens Institute of Technology
ECE7.95307University of Maryland, College Park
ECE7.95307State University of New York at Buffalo
Mechanical Engineering7.5311Michigan Technological University
ECE7.86311Portland State University
ECE7.86311Stevens Institute of Technology
IE8.69319Purdue University
IE8.69319University of Illinois at Urbana : Champaign
IE8.69319New York University
Mechanical Engineering9.4318New York University
Mechanical Engineering9.4318Rutgers University
Mechanical Engineering9.4318Eindhoven University of Technology
Mechanical Engineering8.5300Missouri University of Science and Technology
Chemical Engineering7.95307State University of New York at Buffalo
IE74318Virginia Tech
IE74318University of Southern California
CS66327Indiana University Bloomington
CS70315Rochester Institute of Technology
HCI61312Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Civil Engineering65323University of Florida
Civil Engineering65323Georgia Institute of Technology
CS70310University of Utah
Business Analytics65302Drexel University
MIS8.7314University of Cincinnati
MIS8.7314University of Arizona
MIS8.7314University of Illinois at Urbana : Champaign
MIS3.02309Georgia State University
CS60307University of Illinois at Chicago
CS60307University of Texas at Dallas
Business Analytics8.7316Columbia University
Business Analytics8.7316University of Connecticut
CS83300University of Nevada, Reno
CS83300Washington State University
ECE58.72304Michigan Technological University
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management65314Oregon State University
CS65312Michigan Technological University
CS76.5311Santa Clara University
MEM70319Case Western Reserve University
CS65312University of Pennsylvania
CS67301Illinois Institute of Technology
IE64297Illinois Institute of Technology
CS70303University of Central Florida
CS63301University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Mechanical Engineering68306University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Mechanical Engineering64314Wichita State University
Mechanical Engineering64314University of Alabama in Huntsville
Mechanical Engineering64314Clemson University
Mechanical Engineering64314University of Houston, Main Campus
Mechanical Engineering65317University of Massachusetts Lowell
CS8.05309Syracuse University
CS8.05309University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Mechanical Engineering6.75308University of Florida
CS61295New York Institute of Technology
Civil Engineering6299Auburn University
Civil Engineering6299University of Texas at Arlington
Chem Engineering8.51329Delft University of Technology
Chem Engineering8.51329Carnegie Mellon University
Chem Engineering8.51329Georgia Institute of Technology
Chem Engineering8.51329Northwestern University
ECE7.4285Southern Methodist University
ECE7.4305Syracuse University
MIS72.3299University of Utah
MIS72.3299Northern Illinois University
MIS72.3299Rutgers University
MIS72.3299University of Texas Dallas
Environmental Engineering8.91298University of Arizona
Marketing65.6600Bentley University
Hospital Administration55308University of North Texas
Hospital Administration55308New York Medical College
ECE9.2Delft University of Technology
MIS7302California State University, Fullerton
MIS7302Stevens Institute of Technology
M.Arch65286Savannah College of Art and Design
M.Arch65286Pratt Institute
Civil Engineering3.51316University of Massachusetts Amherst
Civil Engineering3.51316University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
CS6.81300University of Delaware
CS7.2308University of North Carolina at Charlotte
CS7.2308Drexel University
MPH65286University of Alabama at Birmingham
ECE8.91University of New South Wales
IE7320Iowa State University

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